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This stuff is why I read the news

I perused the news on the internet today. Here are a couple of things I learned.

Some moron paid $6,000 for a “clump” of Mick Jagger’s hair. What the hell is that? Honest to Zeus, there are people in this

He certainly has plenty of it here.

He certainly has plenty of it here.

world with way too much freaking money. I’m probably going to be lambasted here, but Mick Jagger has never appealed to me. It is beyond my comprehension why ANYONE would want a clump of his hair.

Some Italian scientist is trying to convince everyone that the Loch Ness Monster is really just bubbles from seismic activity.  He proposes that the sightings are always accompanied by earth tremors and bubbling. Apparently the loch is situated directly over a fault line. Have you ever heard anything more boring in your whole life? Really. Essentially he’s saying that this creature is really Earth fart bubbles. There are a lot of

This is a theory I do like

This is a theory I do like

things I don’t believe in and really would like to. Things like ghosts and aliens and Bigfoot. Absolutely the Loch Ness Monster. This theory depresses me.

Another scientist want’s us to know that when it gets really hot people get  crabby. Really. Like no one has noticed this outside of a research facility. And then someone thought this was groundbreaking enough to write an entire news story about it.


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