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Lady Aquarius The Pleasant

english babySo the baby is here. Yea for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Yea for Harry, too. Now the pressure is off – if there ever really was any – and he can just go hog wild now. That’s good for us, too, since that’s bound to make Harry even more out of control than ever. We do love ourselves a bad boy – especially when he’s as handsome as Harry.

There’s still no name for the bouncing baby boy. It remains to be one of the biggest internet fascinations these days so we figured we’d get in on it, too.

If you want your own royal name – here’s a generator that will do just that. Mine is a bit hippy dippy as you can see.

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  • ki pha says:

    LOL All these names are fabulous! I laughed at reading each and every one of them. I couldn’t pick which one I wanted more but Walter sounded great till I thought about old man. Mr. Darcy would be fabulous! Sue….hahahaha

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