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February 7


5-things12We have bad attitudes. Not all the time, just most of the time. We’re not sure anyone has noticed besides our boss, our co-workers, our husbands, the waiter at lunch today, our children, the next door neighbor, and the lady at the deli at Safeway. We almost got into a fight with another driver in traffic this week. He honked at us and we didn’t appreciate it. Then he honked again. That was ill-advised. We got out of the car and approached him, telling him exactly what he could do with his horn. Well, that’s what we would have done if we weren’t so fat and lazy. Anyway, don’t piss us joe namathoff. That day we just might be motivated.

1. Joe Namath. Did anyone see that coat he was wearing at the Super Bowl? What the hell was that? It looked like a very fancy dead animal. Do you remember those rabbit fur coats girls had to have in the late 70’s? That’s what that looked like. Only worse. We don’t care how cold it is, grown men should not wear fur coats like that unless they are kitten bowlalso sporting a hat with a pheasant feather and employed as a pimp. Where was his wife? Letting him go out of the house like that. Someone needs to have some words with her.

2. Puppy/Kitten Bowl. This was on opposite the Super Bowl. Honestly it was more exciting. Besides, who doesn’t love a bunch of puppies running around a mock stadium, wresting over toys and growling playfully. Not us, for certain. In retrospect, it probably wasn’t the best idea to watch that. Damn you, Animal Planet. Now we REALLY want a kitten. Or a puppy. Or a pony. Or a camel. Or a cheetah. Oh dear…tom hiddleston

3. Tom Hiddleston. We haven’t had one of our favorite boys as a Favorite Thing for a while. There was a fabulous commercial during that slaughter of a football game last week staring prominent British villains. We loved it in no small part because Tom was in it. In a helicopter. Drinking bruno marstea. In a villainous way. And oozing good-looking charm.

4. Bruno’s Jacket. The half time show was very fun this year. Ava took a special liking to Bruno’s gold jacket. Of course, Ava wants it in silver because, honestly, besides Bruno, who is so crass as to wear gold these days? Well, besides Amylynn who wears gold jewelry all the time. Anyway, we thought silver jackets like that might be nice as a fashion statement. Sort of like the Pink Ladies in Grease – only silver.

5. Lady Grantham. We’re way behind in our Downton Abbey viewing. We’ve been watching Season 1 at BofNF this past week. We have now found a new patron saint in Maggie Smith’s Lady Grantham. One of lady granthamour favorite lines was her expressing complete lack of understanding of what a weekend was and why the working class would look forward to it. Another had her sending a scathing insult to someone who didn’t take the bait. “Oh, I must have said it wrong,” Lady Grantham says. We howl every time she’s on the screen.

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