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Yep – I’m still wearing the bow three days later

handsome Joe2Hi, I’m Joe. My full name is Joseph T. Kittywiggles, Esq. The T stands for Tiger, but I don’t use it. Middle names can often be embarrassing, you know. Ask Aunt Ava’s kids.

My mom calls me Sweet Baby Joe, and that’s not at all embarrassing.

I am very handsome, don’t you think?

I live with Amylynn. I used to come to work with her every day to keep her and the rest of her friends company at their horrible job. Sadly, the fat little man at her work said I can’t come any more. He’s a jerk and the ladies at Bank of No Forks no longer speak to him or the selfish people in the office next door who narked us out. They’ll get their due eventually. The Sisters and their friends have way too much time on their hands.

Now, I just sleep away the day with the old cat at my house. Sometimes I find all the cat toys in the house and drown them in the water bowl. Other times I stare at the blank television screen for hours because I don’t trust the tiny people in there. When the dogs come in I wrestle with the dumb one.

I stood still for exactly 12 seconds to take this picture.

You’re welcome.



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