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Here’s looking at you, and looking at you, and looking at you, and . . .

I have admitted here before to having some slight OCD tendencies.  I’m also a perfectionist.  At times, those two issues are kind of hard to deal with together.  For example, take baking cookies and cupcakes.  A normal person thinks – Whateyes fun! I’ll even get the kids who live at my house to help! I never think that. I think about making them perfect.  Of course, they never turn out perfect.  They’re baked goods for goodness sake and I don’t work in a bakery and don’t get a lot of practice. That undeniable fact never stops me from trying to make them perfect.

I spent most nights last week making cookies and cupcakes for Amy’s Halloween party. Amy and the other guests don’t expect perfection, they just want yummy treats. But that still doesn’t preclude me from overworking everything and stressing myself out.

This year I decided to make cupcakes with eyeballs all over the frosting.  I saw a picture of this on that evil site Pinterest. Plus, I could use them on the cookies.  Win Win! One evening, I patiently made 572 eyeballs.  The girl who lives at my house felt this made me a potential serial killer. She believes anyone crazy enough to make that many tiny eyes has deep seated issues.  She sat with me as I placed 572 black nonpareils onto 572 white royal frosting cookiesdots with a tweezers and keep saying “Yup, I’ll bet there are people buried in our yard.”

I informed her there were no people buried in our yard because if I was a serial killer I’d burn the bodies because I’m from Jersey. That shut her up.  For about 5 seconds. “Can I help decorate the cookies?” She didn’t really want to help. It’s a game we play. She pretends she wants to help until I give her the exact instructions of exactly how I want something done. Then she says “You’re nuts.” And she goes to do something else.

Ed shows up minutes later. “Did you just make all of those minuscule eyeballs with tweezers?  Are you a serial killer?” HaHaHa Ed.

All of this was worthwhile because at the party, I watched the Bandit eat all off the eyeballs off the top of a cupcake and leave the rest.  I love that kid and I’d even let him help me make cookies with no instructions.





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