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Very superstitious writings on the wall…

Just as I was dropping my kids off at school one day last week Stevie Wonder came on the radio. It was my favorite Stevie song – Superstition.

The same time I cranked the radio Sassy let out a groan. “Not this,” she said.

“What?” I was genuinely perplexed. Who doesn’t love this song?

She reached over and turned it down. She glanced nervously out the window. Ah, I was beginning to understand.

I turned it back up — way up.

“Mom!” she proclaimed.

“This is a great song!” I turned the knob a scoshy bit more to the right. Stevie’s funky Clavinet made an excellent soundtrack for the drop-off lane.

“MOM!” she said in that tone that implies that she’s going to expire of embarrassment right here, right now.

“Oh,” I said with a grin. “Are you afraid someone is going to see you?”

“Yes.” She was emphatic. She reached for the knob again, imploring me with her eyes to take pity on her.

My grin widened. She realized her tactical error almost immediately. I responded by rolling down all the windows to the Durango. Power buttons are a godsend at times like this. The music was now so loud The Bandit had to yell from the back seat his wishes that I have a good day.

“I love you,” I yelled above the funk.

Sassy refused to look at me while she hauled her backpack out of the car. She shook her head and rolled her eyes when she risked a glance at me before she slammed the car door and I was seat dancing.

I’ll have you know, several other parents were doing the seat boogie and singing that song as I slow rolled out of the parking lot. It’s a damn fine song.

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