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Wanted: 2 bedroom with huge yard

Ava and I are very concerned about the state of zoos these days. Just last Friday we reported on some Zebras that escaped. That was all well and good and funny. Right up our alley, right?

Then we read the most depressing thing ever.

The Sequoia Park Zoo in Eureka, California lost a red panda. It seems like the little sweetie escaped. No one knows how. Don’t panic. The animal has been found wandering down the street. It was herded into a tree and the zoo police were called. The Sisters were not involved in any way. You can be 100% certain had we known this was going on things would have turned out very differently. Masala

This is not the first time a red panda has wandered out of a zoo. It happened at the National Zoo in Washington DC in June 2013.

We have a bunch of questions. Are these the craftiest animals alive? Who are these humans who find these precious fur-babies wandering around free and turn them in? Does it make us the worst people ever that we’d keep that fuzzy-faced dolly for ourselves? How are we ever going to get our shot at a red panda if our local zoo doesn’t hurry up and get some? Why won’t anyone return our emails?

The Sisters have come to the conclusion that there is a definitely a God and we’re being punished by never being in the right place at the right time. With that epiphany comes a change. If the zoo keepers don’t know how it got out, then Masala could do it again. We’re looking into property near the zoo.

We’ll be prepared. A real man – or Sister – makes her own luck.

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