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Part 1 of 3 in the Animal Goings On: An Ode to Geddy

While we were on our Sabbatical our wonderful family lost a member and it hurt no less that he was one of the fuzzy ones.

This was Geddy.


My Honey got him as a brother for his puppy – a gorgeous, orange  fuzzy boy. He was the ambassador of cats: He was gorgeous and outrageously friendly. If the doorbell rang, he did not run and hide under the bed as so many cats are wont to do. No, not Geddy. He would trot to the door, flip over on his back, and stare at his visitors with all four feet in the air and invite them to pet his curly belly.

Oh and that belly. His hair was long and thick and the color of ginger that was really more of a peach hue.

There was never a cat with whiskers so long. How he managed to grow them that long, I’ll never know. And eyebrows, too. A massive cat with feet to match.

When Jojo Kitty came along, it took only days for Geddy to teach him the Tao of Kitty. The two of them spent a large portion of their lives entwined as orange clumps of purring fuzz on the bed. His snoring was epic.

Geddy was a sweet soul who lived a long a peaceful life. 18-years of long naps in the sun, belly scratches, and stolen sips from cereal bowls. My kids never knew life without him.

He will be long remembered and always loved. RIP beautiful old man.

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