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And you get the whole trip home to read it!

It has come to the Sisters attention there is a new fellow out there we should be aware of.

We introduce you to Emerson Spartz. We understand that he holds the record for the longest distance ever to purchase a book. Mr. Spartz flew 3,950 miles to buy a book. hp-order-of-phoenix

A book.

With that kind of dedication, we have to salute him, don’t you think?

The man flew from Chicago to London to purchase Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

If we had the money and the ability to do it, we’d have flown right over the Atlantic to buy that book, too. Harry Potter just happens to be a Sister favorite and J.K. Rowling one of our patron saints.

You go Emerson Spartz!

2 Responses to And you get the whole trip home to read it!

  • ki pha says:

    Hmmm…. I believe I did that last year when I bought £50 worth of books in Wales and England. Of course it had nothing to do with my internship there, but more for my own research hobby. And why not do it? when the US obviously don’t have it.

    • thequillsisters says:

      We end up buying books everywhere we go, it’s just that, sadly, we don’t have the resources to hop on a plane for a specific book. Also, we’re jealous of your trip!

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