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Dear Andrew . . .

Amylynn and I cannot leave that picture of the man with the cat on his head alone.  It just makes us laugh over and over again.  The gentleman in the photograph is actually Andrew Mason of Groupon.  We sent the following email to him for further information:

Dear Andrew,
We have questions about the photo of the cat on your head in the August issue of Vanity Fair. We so love that photo that we put it on our blog ( Questions: Is that your cat? Did you pick the cat out because he looks like you or has your same facial expressions? If he’s not yours – can we have him? (We’re “cat people” and will take very good care of him.) And by the way, what happened to the pony? Can we get a picture of Spice? Thank you for your time and patience – we’re certain you’re really very busy. Sincerely, Blah, Blah, Blah

Just so you readers know – the article references a pony named Spice that was going to be a gift to the mayor of NYC – Michael Bloomberg.  Per the article, the pony was never actually given to him.  I should have asked for the pony as well!  If Andrew contacts us – I will see if the pony needs a home! 

It is quite sad how easily entertained we are . . .

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