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A head full of completely useless nonsense

So My Honey had another show this weekend.¬† I attended the show with Ava’s husband, Ed. Thanks for the loan, Ava.

Ed thinks I’m crazy because I’m constantly looking things up on Google at the slightest provocation. In my opinion, that is the only good thing about my smart phone. Mostly I hate my phone with the passion of a thousand suns, but the Google and Wikipedia aps are a Godsend to my curious mind.

While we were at the bar I Googled who was playing at a rival bar (no one

Gibbet or crow's cage

¬†interesting), whether or not any of the Beastie Boys are dead (no, but Adam Yauch had throat cancer in 2009), what is the name of those cages you always see pirate skeletons rotting in in movies (gibbet or “crow’s cage”), and the name of all the motorcycle gangs in my town that start with the letter “S” (none that we could find so, disappointingly, that question was never answered.

What a random grouping, huh? Conversations with me can really lead anywhere. I am the queen of the tangent.

Tonight, Sassy and I Googled how many bones in a dog (average 319-321), cat (230ish), and a rabbit (that answer seems elusive and unreliable. I lost interest before a serious search could be made). I have no idea why a dog has so many more than a cat or a human (206).

Honest to God, I have no idea what I did before Google. That’s not true. I actually had the phone number for the public library Information Desk in my rolodex. I called them all the time. I always thought that would be an awesome job.

Anyway, with the exception of the animal skeleton episode, Sassy has informed me, “Mom, most of the time I’m not even interested in all your nonsense.”

Yeah. That’s what she says now about my trivia, but just wait until she needs to “phone a friend”. Then we’ll see who she calls.

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