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Ahoy! Grog and blusheeeeeerrr for everyone

Avast! It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day.  The Sisters can really get into something this silly. 

Every year, when this day rolls around, I am surprised by it and I’m not prepared with an appropriate outfit or anything. I haven’t even had time to rent a parrot. Or a monkey. Oooooh, a monkey would be fun.  Ava doesn’t think she likes monkeys, but I’ll bet if I brought a cute one into the office she’d be totally into it.  Aside from the biting and poop flinging, what’s not to like?

At lunch today, Ava and I went to the mall because the Clinique counter is having their free gift giveaway. The clerk that helped us was NOT helpful. In fact, I’d go so far as to say she was snotty and rude. She certainly thought that Ava and I showing up and demanding things like assistance was too much for her to bear. She actually looked down her nose at us, which wasn’t easy considering how much makeup the woman had on. That’s a problem with working at the makeup counters at the mall. Those chicks have on so much makeup it looks like they put it on with a trowel and take it off with  a belt sander. This girl had absolutely no facial expression what-so-ever. Maybe, during her lunch break, she shot up with Thorazine and thus her personality was severely limited by a drug reaction.

Anyway, Ava and I have been dwelling on how shabbily we were treated by that little chippy and then it occurred to me the whole thing was our own fault.

Maybe all that time she was waiting for us to break out our Pirate-ese and dazzle her with an Arrrrrrr!

Ahoy, there ye land lubber. Get me some eye shadow and mascaraaaaaaaaarrra.

Maybe I’ll go back after work and try that out. I’ll report back later on how nice the security office is at Dillards.

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