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National “Leave a Comment on Your Favorite Blog Day”

This year, national “Leave a Comment on Your Favorite Blog Day” is October 10, 2011.

This date was selected because a lot of people are off that day for the holiday.  Therefore, it gives you ample time to leave your comments.

I know what you’re thinking – “Great Zeus!  How did I miss that last year!!!!  I have several favorite blogs and, had I but known, I would have certainly left each and everyone of them a comment.  It would have only taken me a few minutes, and it’s the very least I could do for those folks who make me laugh all of the time.”  Or your thinking something along those lines, right? 

Now don’t go feeling guilty about not leaving comments all year round – just make it up to us on October 10th!

Blogland can be a very, very lonely place.  As bloggers, we look forward to someone (anyone, please, please – please) leaving us a comment.  We need to know you are out there.  We need to know that we are not toiling in vane.  We need someone other than our relatives sending us phone texts no matter how many times we’ve told them to leave comments on the blog.  On the BLOG! we say – no texts! 

Here is a photo of where we blog from.  Pretty sad and lonely looking – isn’t it?


 Here is a photo of Blogland when you leave us a comment.

Blogland when comments are made

In case you don’t know how to leave a comment – you merely click on the word COMMENT at the end of the post and you are magically taken to the screen where you can leave your pithy, intelligent, happy comments. 

Note from Amylynn: Seriously. There are many, many, many days when the only comments we receive come from people hawking penis enlargements and other drugs we have absolutely zero use for. Often we receive comments written entirely in Russian. Russian? Russian! We have no idea what they’re saying, but I often suspect it has something to do with male performance. Regardless, I’m straying from the point. What we want are comments from you fine people. Our wonderful readers. Please let us know that you agree, or that we amused you, or that you disagree wholeheartedly. Something.

Ava’s right. It’s very lonely in Blogland and there are days we feel underappreciated and want to throw in the towel. Or drown our loneliness in cappaccino and butter creme frosting.

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