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September 23

We’re certain that over the course of this week you’ve contemplated, pondered, perhaps even meditated over what five things intrigued us this week. Well, wait no more. We will not leave you in wonderment any further. TA DA!

1. Wee wee dogs. You may know that Amylynn is totally obsessed with getting another puppy. Yes, we do know the definition of

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obsess, and we are not hyperbolizing the word. Puppies do “haunt and excessively preoccupy her mind”. With that concept in the fore, it shouldn’t surprise any of you that she checks out the puppy listings in the newspapers. That’s when we found this little gem. We don’t think we even need to comment. The ad speaks for itself.

2. Ben & Jerry. Two of the patron saints of The Quill Sisters have introduced a new flavor – Schweddy Balls. That causes no end of the snickering and mirth. As big fans of Saturday Night Live and any episode that has Alec Baldwin as the host, we immediately got the joke. Of course, the crazy, humorless right-wingers take offense calling it vulgar and repulsive. We ask you – what exactly is repulsive about vanilla ice cream with fudge covered rum and malt balls? Not a damn thing. And you can giggle while you eat it. Some people just need to relax.

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3. Circus Smircus. Normally, we don’t even bother with Family Circus. Normally it’s not amusing. But this one caught our eye and all we can say is, “Us, too, PJ.”

4. Orbiting Garbage. There is all kinds of news of this satellite falling to Earth and subsequently the media has planted irrational fears about the possibility of getting hit by the thing. We pooh-poohed the idea as absurd until we read a statistic that the odds of getting hit were 1 in 3,200. Those statistics look pretty good to us. Now if NASA could just give us a better idea where it’s crashing down, we’d be happy to go stand in a field and wait patiently.

5. Clinique.  You know the Sisters went shopping this week at the makeup counter. The experience wasn’t lovely – in fact, they were treated rather shabbily. Clearly they didn’t know the power of the blog (ha!). Regardless, the Sisters handed over their money and came home with Lid Smoothie Antioxident 8-Hour Eye Color. It’s just lovely. It lasts forever and the colors are ever so subtle. Go to the Dillards now – they’re giving away their fall samples and get yourself some. Maybe your clerk won’t be a total bitch.  You never know.

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