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I heart traveling

I’m back. Back from the crystal blue water of the Caribbean. Back from the land of dessert 24 hours a day. Back from never cooking or washing the dishes.

Back to the 9-5 hell hole. Back to piles and piles of laundry. Back to bills and groceries and an empty gas tank.

Yea me.

I have a long post written about the trip but I’m waiting for photographic proof. I’ll post it in a day or so. I wrote it during the 18 hour epic day of travel on Saturday. It started at 7:00am EST and ended at 11:18pm AZ time. I’m really proud of the fact that no one, either of my own family or a complete stranger, was slaughtered. It certainly wasn’t because I didn’t consider it several times throughout the day. Man, there are some really obnoxious people out in this world and I believe they congregate in airports. Perhaps that is their meeting location. How horrifying would it be if we discovered they had an actual club? Maybe we ought to consider infiltrating such a club because that can’t go unchecked. We need to make a stand to protect the sanity of those of us on the edge.

A woman and her ten-ish year old daughter sat in front of me on the plane ride from Fort Lauderdale to Las Vegas. Soon after they were joined in their row by a hip young man in his mid-twenties. He had a short ponytail and wore a Jimi Hendrix shirt.

The trip from Florida to Nevada is five hours and I’m quite certain that guy had no idea he would be discussing American Girl dolls all that time. Seriously. The woman was obsessed. She literally talked about nothing else than American Girl dolls. Somewhere over Lousianna, the man was glassy eyed and itchy. By Albuquerque, I think he was ready to chew himself out of his seatbelt.

“We just love American Girl dolls,” she would intone. She told him about all the clothes, highchairs, car seats, cribs, and hair accessories. It was mind boggling. “We just love American Girl dolls.”

Why he didn’t just blurt out, “You know what I love? Guitars and girls with huge tits.”

We need to start checking into this club. The membership rolls must be huge.

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