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More questions than answers

Do you remember when we wrote that hard-hitting opinion piece about the feet washing up in Washington and Vancouver?  Go read it. I’ll wait.

They think they’ve solved the mystery. The coroner says the feet come from suicide victims who jump off the bridge over Vancouver’s Fraser River.

Yeah, I don’t think this answers anything.

Why only feet? Where the hell are the rest of the body parts? Are they constantly pulling out dead bodies with no feet because that never seems to come up.

I am also intrigued by the line, “most of the feet belonged…” Are you telling me there are still unclaimed feet?

Is this bridge a destination spot for suicide victims? Perhaps they need to station someone there to talk these people out of it. Or at the very least tape their feet to their legs before they leap.

Maybe if they were informed that they’d have no feet in the afterlife they’d rethink the whole thing.

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