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June 15

We’re feeling very summery these days. It’s bloody hot out there and, while we’re happy to complain about it, two out of three Sisters would rather be hot than cold any day. We’ve come up with five things this week that just scream summer. Shhhhhhh – listen. You hear it? It’s probably being drowned out by #4.

Wanna know how you can tell this isn’t us? We wouldn’t be jogging in our birkinis.

1. Pool parties. Actually, the sisters don’t participate in the actual pool parties because we don’t swim in public. Kelli has been known to wear a swim birka at the beach. Ava is worried about sharks. Amylynn simply refuses, don’t ask questions. She will claim it’s due to the sunburn she’s positively going to get, but really the reason is the same for all of us. No one needs to see any of us in a swim suit. HOWEVER, the idea of a pool party is delightful and we will eat chips and dip and watch the other swimmers. We love the idea of reading in the shade of an umbrella on a chaise longue. We’ll even agree to be responsible for the children in the pool. Hopefully none of them shows distress because we’re not jumping in to save them,

Watermelon margarita

but we will yell helpfully from the cool decking. You’re welcome.

2. Margaritas. We will drink these all day long. We’re not purists, so we’ll try all the flavors. On The Border makes a rocking watermelon version. We also saw a pomegranate one on another menu that was very intriguing. Besides, if we’re charged with watching all those kids in the pool, we’re gonna need a margarita.

3. Umbrella hats. Once again, the Sisters would not actually wear one of these either. But we all agree that they are very cute. Like beanies only funnier, if that’s possible. If you can wear one without a trace of irony then, you my friend, are a zen master.

4. June bugs. Call them whatever you want. Kelli could probably tell you their official Latin name. All we know is that once they start singing, summer is here. Amylynn, having grown up in this desert, absolutely loves that noise because it brings back all kinds of memories of wiling away a summer vacation outside in homemade forts, riding our bikes all over the city, finding the exoskeletons all over trees and fences, and the glories of Number 5.

5. Otter Pops. We don’t care how much sugar is in them or how they are rife with artificial colors and flavors. You can’t get more happiness for a quarter. And the names are so funny: Strawberry Short Kook, Alexander the Grape, Sir Isaac Lime, Poncho Punch, Little Orphan Orange, and Louie-Bloo Raspberry. The best part was, you didn’t have to wait for the ice cream man to get one like you did a rocket pop. Mom stocked those in the freezer so you could eat nineteen of them a day if you wanted to.

One Response to June 15

  • Partick says:

    OK. I’ll bite at #4 and get all pedantic and stuff. I think you are referring to cicadas. They are the bugs that let you know two things, it’s hot and it’s humid. June bugs are those little beatles that look like boston baked beans. They are the same ones that for some reason just can’t help drowining themselves in peoples pools all summer long. And finally, I should mention the fig beatle. Fig beatles are the jewel-green colored bugs.

    OK… I relinquish the soap box.

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