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Love and War

Anyone who knows me well knows I’m not a very romantic person.  I just never have been.  Ed is far more romantic than I am and he knows it.  I hope my children turn out more romantic than me, however, judging by the boy’s last valentine’s day escapades – maybe not.

Anyway, imagine Ed’s surprise when I insisted on defacing public property in Paris by placing a padlock on the Pont des Arts in Paris.

Our actual lock (E Heart L)

The Pont des Arts is a walking bridge in Paris which crosses the Seine River in front of the Louvre.  Couples buy a lock from an unlicensed street vender and write their initials, dates, hearts, etc. on it and attach it to the railing of the bridge.  You lock it and throw the keys into the river – thereby sealing your love forever.  I explained to Ed that our being married for 25 years and having two children that neither was willing to accept physical custody of in a divorce, was not nearly as binding as our love was now with a padlock on a bridge in a foreign country.

I could tell this caused him to feel more secure in our marriage than he ever has!  This was obvious by his response when I pointed this out – “Let’s go get a glass of wine.”  See?

Paris has expressed concern over the locks damaging the bridge but has not yet adopted a definitive policy on how to deal with this new fad.  I hope they aren’t foolish enough to remove my lock because I’ll make whoever is president start a war – I’m that romantic.

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