The Quill Sisters are excited to present a couple new additions to our website!  We will be adding an Extra entitled “5 Things that Kept Us from Slitting Our Wrists This Week” that, although self-explanatory, really are some things that happened to us through the week that improved our outlook, despite the soul-sucking job and the delay on our purchase of Greece.  We hope you enjoy!

And it turns out that Ava likes to draw!  Another Extra we will be adding is “I Married Him?”  It will be a visual capture of random ridiculousness that we witness from men.  Not our men, mind you. And any resemblance to our men is completely unintentional and quite coincidental, we assure you. Really…

You can see the Extras via the Extras tab in our Menu or by clicking on the links on the left column towards the top.

We look forward to sharing further!