Julia Quinn – The Bridgerton series

          The series that started my downfall – fantastic dialogue, lovely characters that you really care about, I’ve always loved the subplots that run through each book.

Jennifer Ashley – The Mackenzie’s

          One book at she was in my top three favorite writers of all time.  The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie changed my entire viewpoint.  There has never been a more flawed hero or one more ready for the reader to fall madly in love with.  Her character development is masterful.

Stephanie Laurens – The Bastion Club series, the Cynsters series

          These heros are ones to fall in love with for sure.

Jennifer Blake – The Master’s at Arms series

          A departure from my ususal – these all take place in romantic New Orleans just before the start of the Spanish American War.

Brenda Joyce – the de Warenne Dynasty series

          Follows the rise of the family from 1069 through eleven books.  Really fascinating and the research is amazing.

Celeste Bradley – The Heiress Brides series, The Liars Club series, The Royal Four Series

          I waiting anxiously for each of these to come out. Really great characters and the stories are fun.

Candace Camp – The Matchmaker Series

          These had such a great twist on the genre of matchmaking.  I rooted for all the right people and was thrilled at how she wound up the series

Teresa Medeiros – The Kane/Cabot Vampire Series, The Fairy Tale Series

          My first of the Vampire subgenre and I really liked the twist on the norm.

Johanna Lindsey – the Mallory series

          I loved these heros.  They made me laugh and fall in love with them.  I modeled a bit of my characters after these fantastic gentlemen.

Lisa Kleypas – The Wallflower series, the Hathaways/Gypsy series

          After reading these I wanted a Gypsy.  Yes indeed.  And the ladies from the first series and so funny and plucky you just wanted them to win so badly.

Anna Campbell – Tempt the Devil, Captive of Sin

        I was assigned these two books as a reader for a contest.  I love her characters – they are all so flawed and fantastic.  I encourage you to check her out.

Rachel Gibson –  Her hockey player series and all the rest as well

        I don’t read a whole lot of contemporary romance but the minute Rachel has a new book coming out, I’m at the store drumming on the door waiting for it to open. 

Vicki Lewis Thompson – The Nerd Series

       The other contemporary author I follow closely. I’ve made everyone I can force to, read this series, and to a one they’ve been happy I did.  So darn fun and witty and unexpected.  Nerds – not your typical romantic heros.  Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Nerd in Shining Armor.  I promise you’ll be happy you did.