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Three good things

It’s Sunday night. Normally I would be moaning the fact that tomorrow is Monday. But tonight that doesn’t mean anything to me. Bank of No Forks is closed on Monday for Columbus Day. Columbus himself might have been an idiot, but he did give us a work holiday so I’d shake his hand. But I wouldn’t smile at him. He did bring slavery and disease, so that was a problem.

So to recap, I don’t have to work Monday and I used Tuesday for a vacation day since I had to work Saturday. I don’t have to go back to the horrible place until Wednesday! G L O R I O U S!

Also, I have my sweet kitty back from the doctor. He had an absolutely awful Urinary Tract Infection. The veterinarian didn’t say so, but I think, based on how long he was in the hospital and such, I think my little orange maniac got very close to dying. The idea makes me feel more than a little panicky, I’ll tell you.Daryl

So now that he’s home, I’m watching him like a hawk. Every time he pees I’m there to watch. He’s going to have a complex by the end of the week. He’s definitely feeling better. His first couple of days home he was still feeling a bit peaked, but today he’s almost back to his old self. He hasn’t drowned any toys yet, but I’m sure that’s coming in the next couple of days.

Also, in a bizarre non sequitor, The Walking Dead was on tonight. I freaking love that show.

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