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My Written Apology

Amylynn is telling the truth about me leaving her at the office.  I admit it, I did leave her there.  I did turn out all of the lights, send the security guard home and lock the doors.  However, it was an accident.  An ACCIDENT I tell you!  It could have happened to anyone.  I didn’t see her and I couldn’t hear her, and really, if you can’t hear Amylynn, chances are good she’s not there.  It happened because I’m old and forgetful and – I didn’t realize that Amylynn would call me on my cell phone and YELL at me. 

To make it up to her – I took her out to lunch.  I told her to pick where we’d eat.  I thought she would pick a restaurant.  But NO – as my punishment, she took me to a bar.  It was called the “Red Granny Panty Salon”.  I did not make that up.  I was concerned that there might be pole dancing but, thankfully, no old grannies work the poles there. 

However, to my surprise, almost the entire menu consisted of fried food.  There are some nutritionist who say that fried food is bad for you.  Amylynn and I do not agree with this theory.  We ordered fried zucchini sticks, fried mushrooms, fried steak and french fries, which are fried.  We dunked everything in ranch dressing.  Being sisters – we double dipped.  I’m making myself hungry . . .

Now, any normal person would forgive the person they were upset with after such a fried feast but no, not Amylynn.  Still wearing her “angry eyes” she insisted that I buy her a puppy.  I had to decline because I really, really like the lovely man that Amylynn is married to and I want him to continue to be my friend.  I suspect that she will not let this die quite yet.  I’ll keep you all posted on her continued demands.

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