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July 8th

1.       Short work weeks           Only working four days this week was lovely.  I’m sure you all agree and I won’t have to expand on this theme.

2.       The Vatican        Not a one of the Sisters is Catholic, but we are all fascinated by the Vatican and the Pope.  It comes at no small delight to us that the Pope is tweeting from his iPad and now he has a YouTube page.  The news stories say, “he used his own finger to send the (first) tweet.” Pope Benedict XVI is 84 years old.  Can you imagine that conversation teaching him how to tweet? Did they get a thirteen year old altar boy to come see the See and explain? “Dude, this is so cool. Type it right here and then slide the button with your finger. No slide it. Right there.  See that little “mittere” (send in Latin) slide your finger over it. No right there.  Just slide it, Dude. Never mind, I’ll just do it.”


In the essence of truth, it should be noted that, while we find this fascinating and absolutely hilarious in his irrelevance, none of the Sisters has subscribed to his tweets.

3.       Hair Bands          One of the Sister’s husband’s bands is playing a gig tonight.  It’s his old band from the 90’s – Nightfall Avenue.  Amylynn’s My Honey is the bass player. Anyway, they are opening for a glam hair band from the 90’s called Faster Pussycat.  Amylynn and Ava’s husband will be in attendance.  Amylynn plans to wear big hair. Ed’s looking for his leather pants. Retro fun should be had by all.

4.       Birthdays no matter how old.    Amylynn’s birthday is 28 days from today. Exactly 4 weeks. She will expect presents. A puppy would go a long, long way in making her happy. Very happy.  Puppy. Go now and reserve a cute one. Or an ugly one.  She’s really not that picky.  Puppy.

5.       This picture        Enough said.

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