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Jimmy Buffett

As you all know, Amylynn and I work at a bank.  A very large bank.  Some folks say it’s the largest bank in the world.  That it might very well be, but we don’t believe it because they won’t buy as plastic forks.  Surely, the largest bank in the world would buy their employees plastic forks, right?

Anyway – my husband texted me this morning to see if I’d heard the HUGE news about “Bank of No Forks” gaining an extremely influential and very revered investor.  His phone cut out but I swear he said “Jimmy Buffett”.  Then the call dropped.

When I got to work I told everyone the news.  “Bank of No Forks” has been propped up by Jimmy Buffett!  Jimmy Buffett?  There seemed to be confusion.  One friend wondered where he got all of the money from.  I thought his music and his restaurants must be doing very, very well.  We all agreed that must be the case.  I do have one of his albums and I’ve eaten in his restaurants several times – I had no complaints.  Another friend thought we’d surely get forks now – after all Jimmy has to have an in with the take-out food utensil folks – right? 

All of this happiness was not to be however.  Once we booted up the computers, our home page announced the swell news but the investor was not our beloved, beforked Jimmy Buffett but some unknown man named Warren Buffett.

“Well, who the hell is he ?” we all wondered aloud AND does he have access  to plastic forks???

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