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September 30

Can you believe September is almost over? Us neither. But the best news is that there were five Fridays this month. That alone could have been one of our favorite things. Here are the other fascinating things that held our attention for at least ten minutes.

  1. Fabulous names. One of the Sister’s kids has a friend in their class with a very unusual name. We’d be kidding ourselves and you, Dear Reader, if we didn’t confess that we are a little preoccupied with it. In the tradition of disguising names on this site we’ll tell you that Debby Dracula isn’t the name but it’s in that same vein (instead think green – green, female ogres and giant, green monsters with bolts in their necks). This little girl is a charming little sprite of a thing who bounces when she walks and wears adorable pigtail braids. Unfortunately, our offspring refuses to cooperate when the Sisters ask for a little spying. “What do her parents look like,” we want to know. Who names their child this? We wonder if the school administration would get upset if we staked out the parking lot?
  2. Arch West’s funeral. Arch Clark West was the creator of Doritos. Even the Sisters sometimes stray from their devotion of bleached white flour and butter crème frosting and will indulge in a salty snack and Doritos are in the top five options. Mr. West died at 97 years old so we don’t want to hear anymore nonsense about junk food lowering your life expectancy. Mr. West is a fine testimonial. His family sprinkled crumbled Doritos on his grave during the service. That makes the Sisters think of lots of stuff we’d like sprinkled over our graves. Can crème brulee be sprinkled?
  3. Antique Road Show. This show is always such fun to watch. People drag in some of the wackiest stuff and are either blindsided with the value or are totally crushed. It’s very exciting. It makes you wonder what some of the crap you hauled over from your grandmother’s is worth. The other day, a lady brought in some of her father’s Chinese jade antiques. It was the highest appraisal in the history of the show coming in at somewhere between $700,000 and 1.07 Million. The reality netted her $494,615 after commissions. Still, not too shabby, eh? We’re telling you – there’s nothing in our houses we’d hold on to if it netted that sort of change. That’s a lot of Doritos, people.
  4. Disney World. Walt Disney’s Florida location is turning 40 next month. This is a controversial topic for the Sisters. While one Sister couldn’t possible care less, and another Sister holds the Florida location near and dear to her heart, the third Sister knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Anaheim location is the REAL happiest place on Earth. Not that all the Sisters don’t wish Mickey’s other house a wonderful, happy birthday. If anyone from Disney reads this blog and would like us to write a glowing review for all the internet to see, feel free to contact us. The Sisters are ready to

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    be swayed on the glories of Orlando. We need eleven tickets and we’re willing to fly coach.

  5. Garage Sale. The Federal Government is considering having a 22 billion dollar yard sale. See – Congress is beginning to think just like the rest of us lowly Americans trying to make ends meet. A yard sale! Next they’ll be looking under the couch cushions in the congressional lounge to balance the budget. Or a bake sale. What if the members of Congress had to sell wrapping paper like our schools? Enough sermonizing. The Sisters are interested in the Lincoln Memorial and perhaps we’ll take a look at some of that past presidential china.

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  • Debby says:

    That makes the Sisters think of lots of stuff we’d like sprinkled over our graves. Can crème brulee be sprinkled?

    Don’t know about that, but red velvet cake crumbs sure could be!

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