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October 21

It’s still a million degrees out here in the desert regardless of the date on the calendar. While that was always lovely when Halloween came around and you didn’t have to wear a coat over your costume when you trick-or-treated, it’s not so lovely at noon on a Tuesday when you dehydrate on the way across the parking lot. It also sort of lessens the thrill of hunting for the perfect pumpkin if you get sunburned while you’re wandering around in the patch. And yet, we still found five things to amuse….

1. Yurts. The word yurt conjures up pictures of Mongolians with scraggily beards, running around in the freezing cold, wearing those yak-skin coats. This Yurt defies that stereotype. There are no descendants of Genghis Kahn charging around routing villagers near this yurt. Neiman Marcus won’t stand for that nonsense and neither do the Sisters. This little beauty is from the Neiman’s Christmas catalog and only cost 75,000. It’s filled with one of a kind feather pillows, a handcrafted crystal chandelier, and the walls are linen tapestry. It was designed with I Dream of Jeannie’s bottle in mind. Just think of the wonderful stories we could write in this luxury. When you see Santa…

2. Quitting. Do you remember that Jet Blue airline steward who famously quit his job by cussing out a customer over the PA system, triggering the emergency escape slide, grabbing a beer and leaving the plane on the tarmac? He was our hero for a while there. Well, we have a new front runner in the category of Best Way to Quit Your Job. Joey had had it with his job at a major hotel chain so when he went to quit, he brought a marching band with him. Ladies and gentle,men, that is style. The Sister’s decided when we quit Bank of No Forks, we’re going to bring KISS with us.

3. Hotel rooms. Traveling for work sucks. No doubt about it. The only plus is an expense account and a hotel room. Even though we don’t sleep really great in hotels because it’s not our own bed, there is still something wholly luxurious about sleeping in a hotel room. The sheets are soft, the pillows squishy, the towels freshly laundered. There’s cute soap and stuff in the bathroom. There are no children fighting. No dog hogging all the leg room. You can watch whatever you want on TV. It’s nice – just so long as you don’t have to do it very often. Thank you, Mr. Hyatt.

4. Gadhafi. He’s dead. The Sisters disapprove of dictatorships of any kind, unless we’re the ones doing the dictating. But, now that it’s over, what we find is the most pressing consideration is not the fate of NATO, or the Middle East, or what have you. There’s not a thing we can do about any of that. What we really want to know is, what’s gonna happen to his wardrobe? The man may have been the devil himself, but he knew how to dress. Look at these gorgeous textiles. Call us shallow if you will, and we dare say you won’t be the first, but you have to agree with us when we say – the man had style.

5. Dinner with NewMexiken. As mentioned above, we don’t like business trips, we do like hotel rooms, and we LOVE going to dinner with Amylynn’s Uncle, NewMexiKen and his lady, Donna. They took us to a charming little restaurant in Old Town. Really Old Town. The building that housed the restaurant was 305 years old. There were margaritas and much laughing and we had a fabulous time. If you must go away, make sure you do it to a place where you have charming family.

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