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November 11

Here we are, another week closer to death and we still don’t have a lion cub or a red panda. This isn’t right. We do have some concerns however because Ava has been searching on the Internet for how to smuggle a red panda into the country. You should be alarmed because she is actually formulating a plan. Let’s all hope the FBI doesn’t get involved. While we’re keeping an eye out for the black helicopters, these things hit our funny bones.

1. Russian Mummies. Ladies and gentlemen of the Internet, we’d like to introduce you to Anatoly Moskvin of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. Mr. Noskvin was discovered to be harboring 29 (29!) stolen female corpses that he mummified and dressed up in “bright dresses and headscarves” to look like dolls and displayed them around his apartment. Mr. Moskvin is 45 years old, described as “quirky” (!!), lives with his parents, and is considered an authority on cemeteries in his area (!!!). The mummies were discovered when the police went to his residence requesting assistance in a case involving desecrated graves. Indeed. Once again, the Associated Press does not explain what his parents thought of Anatoly’s little hobby. Really, would it kill the AP to fill in the blanks?

2. Aliens in the White House. The White House, yes, that White House (the one where the President of the United States of America allowed HIS family to have a puppy) recently issued a statement that they have no evidence that extraterrestrials exist. This gives the Sister’s pause. Now, we don’t necessarily believe in aliens, but we’re certainly game to look at a little evidence. The fact that the White House is specifically informing us that they know nothing is a little like your kid coming out of the kitchen and volunteering the information that everything is fine in there and you don’t need to look in the pantry. ET if you’re out there, we would totally believe in you if you brought us a red panda. We’re just saying.

3. Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. On the heels of the blog where Amylynn bought shoes we just wanted to formally announce that we do love shoes. We love shopping for shoes. We love trying shoes on. We love buying shoes. Red shoes, black shoes, silver shoes. We love pumps and strappy sandals and mules and boots and wedges. Our only regret is that there aren’t more closets in which to put them. Shoes make us happy and light-headed. **sigh**

4. Anniversaries. It is Amylynn and My Honey’s wedding anniversary today. They were married on 11/11/00 thus they’ve been married eleven years today. Eleven years on 11/11/11. That was done both by design and happy accident. Let the festivities begin.

5. Travel conveniences. Amylynn leaves on a family vacation in ONE WEEK (not that she’s counting) and with all the travel the other Sisters have been doing, we’d like to praise the suitcase on wheels. Shhhhh. Did you hear that celestial choir singing? Remember waaaaay back when they first

Hahaha! Remember this?

 came up with the concept? They just put wheels on the regular, square cases and, once pulled, they just toppled over. We remember our father having a nervous breakdown in an airport once. Now days, of course, they’re just brilliant – thank Zeus – because we couldn’t handle all of our international travel without them. (Oh, dear, there’s that delusion again.)

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