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November 18

Oh. My. Word. Do you realize how close it is to Thanksgiving? You know, right after that is Christmas. That’s quite alarming, don’t you think? It gets faster every year. How does that happen? Are we getting closer and closer to all the black holes or something? We think Ava needs to get back on PBS and pay better attention. While we ponder the deeper things, we found these things to amuse us.

1. Names of minerals.A UofA professor recently had a newly discovered mineral named after himself – Bobdownsite. Oh, we so totally want that. We can think of so many amazing things we’d lend our names to. Minerals not so much, but how about new cupcakes recipes? If it must be something natural then how about The Quill Diamond? OR, how about a hurricane? Not a benign-blows-out-at-sea-and-doesn’t-do-any-real-damage hurricane either. You’d understand if you ever went out to lunch with us. Which brings us to…

2. Waitstaff with a sense of humor. Every once in a while, the Sisters encounter a waitperson that can hold their own with us. One that can take our crazy substitutions, teasing, fifty mile-an-hour zingers, and general wackiness. We encountered one such jewel this week. Adela was her name and she hung in there like a trooper. For once, the Sisters were sure that we left a restaurant without a server quitting or throwing them-self on a steak knife in the walk-in.

3. Pedicures. Are you familiar with the sound Homer Simpson makes when he eats donuts? That’s the same sound you should make when you’re getting a great pedicure. And at the end – you have pretty toes. And the best part isn’t the reflexology massage or the kneading of your calf muscles or even the pretty paint. The best part is you didn’t have to fold yourself in half in order to smear paint all over your cuticles.

4. Bradley Cooper. People magazine has named him the sexiest man alive for 2011 and the Sisters are not of a mind to dispute them. He’s ridiculously pretty with great hair and piercing eyes. He speaks French. He’s very funny. You’d know this if you saw The Hangover and if you didn’t go to Netflix right away. You know what we want for Christmas? Bradley Cooper delivering our red pandas. Get on it, Santa.

5. Husbands Who Rescue You at the Grocery Store When You Lock Your Keys in the Trunk.  At the end of a long work day, one of the Sisters stopped at the grocery store for a few needed items.  All went well until the very end – sometimes that’s just the way it is.  After opening the trunk, the Sister threw her keys in because she had no pockets.  She has done this before (No, Ed, she won’t do it again.  Really, just stop already).  After loading up the groceries, she closed the trunk and took the cart back to its cart corral home.  Walking back to the car, it started to dawn on her that perhaps, just maybe, she’d left her keys in the trunk.  She had.  Luckily, she had not locked her purse in the trunk because she had her crappy Sprint cell phone in there.  One quick call to the husband resulted in a “less then 10 minute later” rescue.  May I point out, this would not have happened if the Sister had not been driving herself around and we all know that’s never good – SEE?

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