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June 22

Amylynn is finding it almost impossible to concentrate since she’s leaving on vacation tomorrow. Ava is pouting. Kelli is too busy daydreaming about the possibilities of her new job. Things are not going smoothly over at The Quill Sisters. You guys know it’s 108 degrees here don’t you? Who can concentrate when it’s that freaking hot? It’s absurd. the desert should just shut down during the summer because if it involves going outside, no one should be expected to participate. While we were inside under the a/c vent, we found these things to amuse…

1. Giant Wombats. We like the idea of wombats. They’re cute. Apparently back in the Pleistocene era, wombats were the size of rhinoceroses. Not necessarily cuddly, but they did have one intriguing feature we find quite interesting. Because they were, and still are, marsupials, these giants had a pouch big enough to hold an adult human. Now consider that for a moment. Sounds snuggly, right? And we bet they’d be a lot cheaper to keep running than

Cool, right?

gasoline in our SUVs. Get yourself some carrots and hop in.

2. 3D printers. Ava saw a special on one of these the other day. They are amazing. You build the specifics of what you want a model of, say a dashboard or a super cute hockey player in the CAD program (or where ever, honestly we weren’t paying that much attention to the specifics at that point) press print, and holy cow, your Sven-the-Swedish-hockey-guy-holding-a-dashboard comes out made of plastic. Isn’t that amazing? Really? Technology totally rocks.

Margaret Snatcher – Bwhahahahahaaha

3. Margaret Snatcher. We’ll be totally honest here and admit that, even though we read the newspapers and pay attention to the online headlines, we really get great bi-partisan perspective from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Besides the fact that he is absolutely hysterical and absurdly hot (it’s the combination of intelligence and humor) we love that he is an equal opportunity lampooner. The other night he was making fun of the small-minded state that censored women on the house floor for saying the word “vagina”. Mr. Stewart offered to come up with some euphemisms that would make the conservatives a little more relaxed. He suggested Margaret Snatcher. Ava and Amylynn have been cracking up about that now for days. Out of the blue, we’ll get to cackling and immediately the other one knows why. The Sisters never promised to be high brow.

4. Direct Flights. Sky Harbor Airport, the largest one near where we live, is now offering flights to London. Oh sweet Zeus. We’re holding a bake sale as soon as Amylynn gets back from San Diego to raise funds for our tickets. Lord, we hope we don’t eat all the inventory.

5. No Panty Day. Today happens to be National No Panty Day.  We don’t plan to participate. In the desert during the summer, we use our panties to collect sweat. How is that for sexy? Probably not what the guys who came up with the day were hoping for, but that’s the reality. If, say, they moved No Panty Day to a lovely day in November or maybe March, we’d be in. As for now, we’re keeping our Victoria’s Secrets on.

One Response to June 22

  • Amy Kennedy Fosseen says:

    You just brightened my day. And btw I adore John Stewart, I don’t watch the news (read the Sunday paper cover to cover) so I get most of the day to day from John Stewart.

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