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No blogs about kittens or otters either

I kept telling myself that as soon as I got my first advance check I’d allow myself an iPad. Or a particular Coach purse I’ve had my eye on. Well, the wonderful Mr. Bright bought me an iPad for my birthday. I allowed myself to be thrilled with it even though it was decidedly less fuzzy than the puppy I’d asked for.  So now I don’t have to spend that precious money on an iPad, and probably THAT Coach bag will be old season by the time I get that damn advance check.

Honestly, the more practical thing would be for me get a new laptop.

The one I have is darn near antique when it comes to electronics. I believe it is seven years old, which I’m sure you’ll admit is ancient. Nevertheless, the software is up to date and it works perfectly well except for a few minor things. 

For example, there is the issue with the “K” key. It happens to be missing. Completely absent. I have to push down really hard on the little rubber thingy to trigger it. The K isn’t such a big deal since, it’s not that common a letter. That is unless you’re writing a story where the hero’s name is Jack. Then it’s a giant pain in the ass. I’ve considered renaming him Jacque and giving him a French accent.

Also, the “O” key is loose and flops around all over the place.  The O is a bigger pain since, as you know, it’s a vowel. It gets used quite a bit more than the K.

The integrated mouse is almost completely unusable anymore.

N w that I thin  ab ut it, it might just be a hun  f  jun  after all.

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