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Our version of full communion

A couple of random things today

Today is National Cupcake Day.  Did you hear that? NATIONAL CUPCAKE DAY, people. That is a high holy day for the Sisters.  We went to church and prayed at the altar. We irritated the barista. All in all, it was a fairly typical day for the sisters.

The Altar




Glorious rain! We had a really serious monsoon  storm that hit around 4:30 this afternoon. There were swift water rescue reports on the radio and lost power all over town. We closed the office a little early because it was so hellacious outside. At 5:30 when I attempted to leave the rain was so heavy I could barely see the car across the parking lot. Do you think I waited at the office for the storm to clear up? Don’t be ridiculous. I got the hell out of there the minute the big hand hit the 6. I’ll tell you what though, half way through the parking lot, when the water was half way up my shin, I would have taken a ride from a strange man in a white panel van if he’d have offered to drive me to the car.

Every time I bitch and complain at the gas pump about the cost of filling up my big SUV, I’m also very happy to have my big four wheel drive when every street is running with rain and every “street river” is door-high to all the cars.


My Honey was helping The Bandit with his homework when he found a tattered piece of notebook paper in his backpack. It was numbered one through ten, but only lines one and two were completed with the following: I will keep my hands to myself. When asked about it, The Bandit said, “It’s nothing. I just felt like writing that.” Riiiiiiight. We never got a clear story about what happened but apparently The Bandit was being persecuted for something he didn’t do. When pressed we learned his first grade teacher is unfair. Hard to believe isn’t it?

Another Bandit-ism. Daddy came into the living room and found the boy with a grubby face. “What have you been eating?” he asked Bandit.

Ever the lawyer, my son countered with, “What do you think I’ve been eating?”

As I’m sure you can imagine, his father and I spend a great deal of time choking back giggles and trying to act stern.

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