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October 7

Today was the first day it felt like autumn and this puts us in a good mood. Don’t worry about us getting complacent or anything. Just because we’re in a good mood it doesn’t mean we’re not still totally crazy. We feel fairly confident that no matter what our mood, we will still be just as snarky as ever. So here are the things that helped to contribute to our benevolence.

 1. Steve Jobs. Visionary. Genius. He died much too young. The Sisters have iPods and iPads, but none of us uses a Mac. We love our Apple products, but we really, really, really love Pixar. Toy Story – enough said. Rest in peace, Mr. Jobs.

2. Comments. How much do the Sisters love comments on our blog? Sooooo much. Mountains of happiness. Tsunamis of glee. Hurricanes of giggles every time we see notes from readers. Even when those notes are from our moms and aunts. One time we got a comment from a writer we really respect and it took hours for Cloud 9 to come back down to Earth. 
 3. Eegees. For those of you who don’t know the fruity wonderfulness of our hometown slushy treat, we pity you. Honestly, an Eegee is ambrosia when it’s so near 100 degrees at the end of September, beginning of October. It’s not a slushy and it’s a million miles away from a sno-cone. An Eegee is an iced cup of finesse with strawberries, coconut, pineapple and lemon. Yum! If you happen to have some Malibu Rum around the place to toss in

Doesn't he look like he'd be a laugh riot?

there with it, you’ll be a happy, happy drunk. And we didn’t even mention the Ranch Fries.

4. Christopher Columbus. So in the year 2011, we all know at this point that Chris did not discover America. We know that he was lost and possibly a fifteenth century buffoon. However, he did get rid of all those pesky indigenous people with small pox and such, so that was good. In all seriousness, we love dear Chris because whatever he managed to accomplish, he did manage to secure two of the Sisters a paid day off work. We don’t want to insinuate that we don’t love our jobs or anything, but if Chris happened to wander into our vicinity, we’d be hard pressed not to give him a tongue kiss.

click for larger image

5. She’s not running. Sarah Palin’s not running. Thank Zeus and bring on the Eegee punch. The only thing tolerable with Ms. Palin is Tina Fey’s impersonation. In honor of her not running, we say we should all think complicated thoughts, use big words correctly in sentences, and contemplate the history of our planet – namely the fact that dinosaurs existed millions of years ago or she wouldn’t have that oil Ms. Palin is so fond of piping out of her home state. Long live evolution.

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